"This off-the-beaten-path gallery is one of the city's most adventurous alternative art spaces": Glenn Mc Natt; Art Critic The Baltimore Sun 2004.

Homage to the Ancestors: A public installation by roycrosse 
located between Maryland Avenue and Charles Street on North Ave., in the Station North Arts & Entertainment district.

This project was initiated by friends and neighbors in the Station North Arts & Entertainment district in recognition and appreciation of roycrosse’s generosity, creative spirit, and his dedicated efforts on behalf of the art and artists of Baltimore and Station North in particular.

Sponsors: The Market at North Avenue - Load of Fun - United Sanitary - Joe Squared and Area 405

Supporters include:

Kevin Brown - Station North Arts Cafe
Marian Glebes - The Market at North Avenue
Elliot Rauh  - Single Carrot Theatre
Sherwin Mark - Load of Fun Arts
Michael Shecter - The Market at North Avenue
Lanny Schuster - United Sanitary
Carolyn Frankyl - The Market at North Avenue
Joe Edwardsen - Joe Squared
Dale Dussman - Charles North Community Association
Tim Scofield
Anelda Peters
Helen Elliott
Steve Saunders

 The conceptual focus of the work is at once social and historical, and makes reference to what I like to call power objects. These are works inspired objects
 and symbols used in spiritual practice by indigenous peoples of Africa as well as the Americas. Drawing from shamanistic icons, as well as ancient fetish objects 
and cultural iconography of other indigenous peoples. The pieces celebrate life and the creative spirit. 

The totemic like pieces are assembled from an aggregate of urban American detritus, and speak to notions about living in an abundant culture. The tall narrow works take on visual tones that range from formal to funky, playful and transcendental.


On the Block: 
Load of Fun Studios
MICA Studios
Artist and Craftsman Supply
Station North Arts & Entertainment
MLA office
Joe Squared Pizza
Ronald Taylor II Funeral home

We are Close T0:
Penn Station
Everyman Theater.
Metro Gallery
Charles Theater
Schuler School of Art & Design
The Zodiac 
Tapas Teatro Cafe
Windup Space
Cylops Books
Sophi’s Crepes

mailing address: WESTNORTH
Studio 106 W. North Ave. Baltimore 21201
                                                                  tel: 443 759 7691